What is BfROpenLab?

BfROpenLab is a collection of several extensions for the data analytics software KNIME ( It is developed at the Federal Institute for Risk Assessment in Germany (BfR) and contains the following extensions:

  • FoodChain-Lab
  • PMM-Lab Lite
  • KNIME Nodes for GIS and Graph Visualization
  • KNIME Nodes for Nonlinear Regression
  • BfR Network Mining Extensions

How to install it?

Download KNIME from and install it. All BfROpenLab extensions can be installed from the following update site:


FoodChain-Lab is an KNIME extension providing trace back and forward analysis of suspicious food items along food supply chains in case of a foodborne disease outbreak.

Click here to get to the new FoodChain-Lab homepage

KNIME Nodes for GIS and Graph Visualization

Example Workflow

KNIME Nodes for Nonlinear Regression

Fitting of Explicit Function

Fitting of Differential Equation

Authors and Contributors

  • Christian Thoens (BfR)
  • Armin A. Weiser (BfR)
  • Matthias Filter (BfR)
  • Alexander Falenski (BfR)
  • Lars Valentin (BfR)
  • Annemarie Kaesbohrer (BfR)
  • Bernd Appel (BfR)

Support or Contact


BfROpenLab is released under the GNU General Public License v3.0.